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Little Ol’ Me…


Artist Gareth Jones has created a diverse
body of work comprising of painting, sculpture and installation.


Gareth first took to painting following his diagnosis with Bipolar Disorder, ADD, Borderline Personality Disorder and OCD.

After first being advised to try something ‘creative’ in a psychiatric hospital, Gareth then locked himself in a makeshift studio for months. When he emerged, he had developed a specific, autobiographical style which incorporated traditional painting techniques together with a more chaotic approach involving the use of various mixed media.

Gareth is obsessed with quirks of humanity, human history and mental illness, especially how his own mental illnesses form a prism through which he sees the world. 

Working out of studios in London and the midlands, he uses paint, composite materials and found objects to make artwork that consistently balances powerful imagery with acute critical analysis.

Told to ‘write it all down for the doctors’, he chose instead to create a visual log of his illness to document a
chaotic mind. 

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