And Thus The Tides Of History Did Bend At My Feet, For I Have Lived A Very Long Time.

Explained away as Grandiose Delusion, a classic symptom of Bipolar Psychosis by a gaggle of glee-full psychologists all with two feet firmly in the present, I bring you now the full, unflinching, truth of a secret that I have lived with my whole life. That I have lived a very long time.

Starting with the very first humans at the dawn of civilisation and moving with the ebb and flow of time and transformation, I have lived through all the ups and downs, the highs and the lows and seen the filth and the fury of a whole history of characters. I have lived through every age and have seen human behaviour of every kind and in every situation.

My time over these thousands of years is now distilled in my head as a assortment of grainy memories. This new series will be a garage declutter of my head where we look at how humanity has developed and what we can learn for the future. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to experience time and history in its entirety and now I’m passing on a first hand history of time to you, fine reader. Enjoy.

When I grow rich…say the bells of Shoreditch. (Begging in East London Circa 1627). Mixed Media on Canvas. 2020.

Salt of the Earth. (Waiting Patiently for Invasion Circa AD706). Textiles, Primed and Unprimed Canvas, House Paint, Acrylic Paint, Charcoal and Pastels. 2019.

Jukebox Nostalgia (Practicing Mindfulness With The Ancient Egyptians Circa BC 540). Mixed Media on Primed and Unprimed canvas. 2020.

Your Village Must Be Missing An Idiot (Picking Flowers for First Date. Circa 10BC). Acrylic, House Paint, Primed and Unprimed Canvas, Oil and Charcoal. 2019.

The Physical Accumulation of Time (Snitches Die In Ditches, Bitches Circa AD1769). Mixed Media on Canvas. 2020.

It Never Tastes Like It Smells Does It. (Winding Up Warlords Circa 1981). 2019.

Spear Fishing in the Thames. (Caught Fuck All Circa AD1406) Acrylic, Oil, Polyfila and Spray Paint on Linen. 2019.

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