‘A war wound which was not serious enough to kill or maim but was serious enough for the soldier to be sent home to Blighty. Also known as a million-dollar wound these could sometimes be self-inflicted for example a soldier shooting himself in the foot.’

British Dental Work. Acrylic on Canvas. 2018.

Faux Rebellion. Acrylic on Canvas. 2018.

COU COU!!!. Acrylic on Canvas. 2018.

Salt of the Shires. Acrylic on Canvas. 2018.

Mad Cunts in Trendy Situations. Acrylic on Canvas. 2018.

Summon The Clans. Acrylic and Oil Stick on Canvas. 2018.

Find Your Village. Oil on Canvas. 2018.

Paid Partnership. Acrylic, Ink and Spray Paint on Canvas. 2018

The blind man sees the stars through his pores as the sky at night runs down his throat like honey.

French Car Radio Classics (Diptych). Acrylic on Canvas. 2018.

Public Anemone. Acrylic on Canvas. 2018.

London Lakes. Mixed Media on Canvas. 2018.

The Things We Do eh? Acrylic on Canvas. 2018.

Shield Maiden. Acrylic, Pencil and Lipstick on Canvas. 2018.

She waters cherry blossom with tea

And plays at reading futures in the leaves

with dirty finger nails.

Pond water stains her dress and dew-soaked roses crowd her hair.

Their crown of thorns softened to remind her of her duties with only the narrowest of hints

and the gentlest of flourishes x

The Ol’ Pony And Trap. Acrylic on Canvas. 2018.

She looked up from the boxes, broken bottles and other cherished detritus. 
Her eyes roll to the trains rattling overhead and a long sigh flew from her dry lips.

‘We’re all just so beautiful aren’t we’.

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